Assistance with Unemployment Benefits (EDD)

How it Works

The office of State Senator John M. W. Moorlach is happy to assist constituents navigating through the unemployment insurance process. Please note that the Employment Development Department (EDD) is not under the supervision of the legislature and therefore our staff does not have access or ability to access any claim information directly, though we are happy to assist, we are not able to process applications directly.

Once we are given written authorization, our office submits your case to our liaisons at the EDD who work specifically with legislative offices on constituent casework. Our liaisons then process and investigate your case and provide us with feedback.

Due to the high volume of cases the EDD has received from legislative offices, the response time is extended and can increase or decrease at any time depending on the EDD’s ability to process claims. Once we receive a response from our EDD liaisons we will notify you immediately, but we will not have any information pertaining to your specific claim until then.

Once we submit your case to the EDD liaison office we have no control over the processing of your case. Submitting a case with our office does NOT guarantee immediate resolution of the issues you are having with your claim.

Filing a Case

Be sure to provide an email that you check frequently. Our office will send any correspondence related to your case through that form of communication.

Be sure to provide a phone number you can be reached at. Staff members may call to verify or confirm sensitive information or case details if needed.

Provide a clear description of the problem. Make sure your brief summary is concise but still explains all facets of the issues you are facing. Do not provide any documentation or information that has not been requested by our office, such as any correspondence you have received from EDD.

Please be advised that our office will require you to fill out an Authorization for Release of Information. In order to best assist you with your case, our office will need your authorization to contact a State Agency or Department on your behalf, in addition to specific and personal information. In order for the EDD to locate your records either your full SSN or your EDD Customer Account Number is needed. This information is to be filled out on the authorization form you receive from our office, and is solely used for the purpose of the EDD locating your specific claim information. 

Please allow time to process your case and submit it to the agency. In addition to casework, our staff is working hard to answer additional constituent inquiries. Due to the extremely high volume of casework received by our office, there is a small processing time. Once your case has been processed by staff you will receive a confirmation email. 

When the Case is Filed

Allow adequate time for the expected waiting period. Our liaisons at the EDD are working with over 120 legislative offices to resolve constituent cases, and are receiving an average of 700 new cases per day. As a result, there is a waiting period expected in order to allow the EDD adequate case processing time.

Please be advised that the EDD may contact you from a blocked/private number. It is very likely that EDD caseworkers will contact you directly. Please be diligent in checking your phone, email, mailbox, and EDD portal for any attempts of contact from the EDD. EDD representatives may contact you without notifying our office of any action being taken.

Update our office if you have any new developments to your case. If you receive contact from the EDD and your issue has been resolved, please notify our office.


For more information on unemployment benefits and programs, please visit the EDD website at If you have any questions or would like to open a case with our office, email me here or call our district office at (714) 662-6050.