Former Caltrans Director Acknowledges Criticism, Defends Department's Incompetence & Mismanagement

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

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#CALTRANS Short List

  • Caltrans has 3,500 too many architects and engineers at a cost of HALF A BILLION $$ A YEAR.

  • Caltrans spends roughly $10 billion per year and has 10,000 architects and engineers.  In contrast, Riverside County is managing a $7.5 billion freeway widening project that only has 9 engineers.

  • Caltrans officials lied to legislators for 7 years. Caltrans spent $250,000 on a study of how to improve field maintenance operations for greater efficiency.

  • Caltrans spends 3 times the national average on road repairs. Yet, California’s roads rate among the nation’s WORST in pavement condition and congestion.

  • Caltrans only outsources 10 percent of its engineering and architectural work.  Most states outsource 50 percent. Our neighbor, Arizona, outsources more than 80 percent!

  • 62% of Caltrans projects are over budget.

  • The January budget analysis reflected that the Governor’s transportation plan would increase gas taxes on California drivers by $3 billion when California's gas taxes are already the nation's 5th highest.

Left up to the Governor and the legislature, it will be YOU who will be asked to fund a “pothole tax." I hate to break it to you, but you’re being taken to the cleaners.  You are the victim of intentional infrastructure neglect. This literally is “highway robbery.”  The fix is in.  And the answer is you and your wallet.

I believe there's another way. And I'm Ready to #FixCaltrans

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