How Can I Help?

The constituents in my community are my top priority. One of my goals as your Senator is to make our state government work for you. Here are some of the services my office provides.

Help with State Agencies

My staff and I are here to assist you with any issues you may have with State Government Agencies. Finding help can be confusing and frustrating.  If you have a problem with a state agency, my staff can help find answers. Fill out a Casework Information Form and an Authorization for Release of Information so my staff start helping you.

California government oversees schools and colleges, state tax collection, disaster response, and a number of other important issues. Click on one of the many links below to learn more.

We can seek answers to your questions, make the appropriate officials aware of your concerns and work to cut through "red tape" you might be experiencing. However, please know that neither I nor my staff, can approve a claim or appeal or compel any agency to act in your favor. We cannot offer legal advice or intervene in legal matters, such as child custody disputes or traffic cases. In addition, my office is also unable to assist you with federal issues such as Social Security. Remember to send a Casework Information Form and an Authorization for Release of Information so my staff start helping you. 

If you have any questions or are unsure of where to go for help, please give my office a call. We are here to serve you and want to help.     

Additional Services


One of the best parts of my job is to recognize the outstanding work of my constituents and significant milestones in the community. My office can provide Certificates of Recognition and congratulatory letters to recognize achievements and special events in the district. To request a certificate, please send me an email and a member of my staff will get in touch with you!

Capitol Tours  

Planning to visit the Capitol? It is the working home of California’s government, a historical site, and the people’s house. Be sure to plan your visit by booking tours and looking up directions, parking, security, and other important information. Call my office in you need any help and be sure to stop by to say hi to me!

Information Brochures

I am happy to provide informational brochures to my constituents. Give us a call or send me an email and someone will get back to you! Information on these topics is available in my offices:

Fire Safety
Disaster Preparedness
Identity Theft
Keeping Kids Safe Online
Veterans Resources
Homeowners Resources
Senior Citizen Resources
Children’s Legislative Activity Books

Legislative Information

Want to learn more about proposed legislation?  My staff can check the status of a legislative bill and give you a copy of it. You can also look-up and follow legislation too!

Regulations and Grants

We also assist local governments and community organizations with regulatory issues and grant programs involving state agencies. Let me know what your organization is working on and my staff will try to assist you!