Majority Party Chooses Union Labor Over Innovation

Committee Blocks SB 1141 Proposal to Remedy Caltrans' Waste and Inefficiency
Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Yesterday, the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee chose union labor over innovation, voting down Senate Bill 1141 . Senator Moorlach (R-Costa Mesa) presented SB 1141, which would create a 5-year pilot project allowing two counties the authority to self-manage the operation, maintenance, and implementation of improvements and all operations for all state highways in their respective counties.

"California has some of the most poorly maintained roads in the nation. The condition of our roads are not a result of lack of funding, but rather the result of a lack of focus and competence at Caltrans. We need to try something new," said Moorlach.  "SB 1141 is a common sense option and would improve California’s roads, at lower cost, carried out with fewer delays—everything we’re not getting with Caltrans."

SB 1141 would have given two counties the ability to apply for the opportunity to appropriate funds in a more judicious manner, with lower overhead costs, streamlined management, and local accountability.  Local control would free up funding that can be put directly into asphalt and pavement in the counties selected for the pilot, dramatically improving the condition of their transportation infrastructure.

"I'm disappointed that union labor was chosen over innovation yesterday. We've seen ideas like SB 1141 work with self-help counties in the past. Innovation and cooperation are ideas that are possible," Moorlach added. "SB 1141 would make the dollar go further. It's that simple. And our counties are up to the task."