Primer for Governor Brown's State of the State

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Evaluating our state's condition requires checking vital signs and determining where our efforts are needed most.

Here are 5 key metrics and resulting questions the Governor should address about the state of our state:

  1. For the past 11 years, CEOs have rated CA as the worst state in which to do business. What is the plan to turn this around?

  2. CA is the 5th most expensive state in which to live and raise a family.  What is the plan to make CA more economically competitive?

  3. CA has the nation's highest income tax, sales tax, and gas tax (when cap and trade is included).  What is the plan to make these taxes more equitable with the national average?

  4. Major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco are reporting dramatic increases in violent crime.  What is the plan to stop this growing trend?

  5. CA's housing costs are among the nation's highest, and well-intended environmental regulations have pushed housing far beyond job centers, producing more wear and tear on our roads, and higher transportation costs on families.  What is the plan to allow for more reasonably priced housing nearer to job centers?