SB 742, SB 671, SB 665 Signed By Governor Brown

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

SACRAMENTO -- Yesterday, Governor Brown signed three key pieces of legislation I introduced that are designed to make state government processes more transparent, efficient, and effective.

Senate Bill 665

Citizens deserve the transparency and reputable information from their local governments. This bill clarifies the requirements for an organization or association to qualify as a bona fide association of citizens for purposes of submitting an argument on a ballot measure to be included in the voter pamphlet.

Senate Bill 671

In an effort to respect hard working taxpayers’ money, local governments should have more options for investing those scarce dollars. Senate Bill 671 would clarify the pension prepayment deadline and enable counties to pay more than one year of employer contributions – allowing counties to save money and keep long-term costs down.

Senate Bill 742

Agencies are frustrated about having to spend more of their funds on pensions than services for the public. Senate Bill 742 would improve the situation by requiring municipalities to adopt Generally Accepted Accounting Principles to be consistent with other jurisdictions that issue bonds. This simple improvement to current law will make total pension obligations clear and transparent for both investors and the public looking at cities’ financial statements.

Learn more about the bills here: SB 671SB 665SB 742.