Sen. Moorlach Reacts to Gov. Brown Signing More Feel-Good Climate Legislation

SB 1383 and SB 32 Examples of Sacramento's Misplaced Priorities
Monday, September 19, 2016

Following Governor Jerry Brown's signing of Senate Bill 1383 (Lara) today, Senator John Moorlach issued the following statement:

“The recent signing of two climate change policy bills, Senate Bill 1383 and Senate Bill 32, reflect Sacramento’s misplaced priorities on feel-good legislation over policy that will actually improve the fiscal health of California. I can appreciate the goals of SB 1383 and SB 32; however, the reality of both bills is that their impacts on climate change will be next to nothing, and at great costs. These bills present more fiscal pressures to both the state and California’s business community, and do nothing to prepare California for a looming economic downturn.

“As I stated in my recent op-ed in the Orange County Register, ‘…the Legislature needs to focus on the issues we can fix — issues like paying down debt, putting more money away in our state’s Rainy Day Fund and prioritizing practical transportation needs over a costly high-speed rail project and a severely mismanaged Caltrans.’”