Senate Bill 1074 - Truth In Advertising For Gas Prices

February 14, 2018

SB 1074 in Senate B&P:


Senate Bill 1074 will post the breakdown of fuel taxes on the pumps and on the premises of gas stations, while there are posts on there already, this will expand the tax and cost breakdown and provide a more innovative solution for consumers by using a Quick Read code that can be regularly update for not cost to tax payers.

Issue Background:

Following the implementation of the SB 1 gas tax, drivers are feeling the squeeze on their wallets at the pump. This legislation was created with the hopes of fixing our roads; however it only harms Californians by adding an extra $0.12 per gallon onto the costs of their fuel. California has some of the highest taxes on gasoline in the nation, second only to Pennsylvania. Our state buries taxes in the price at the pump and Californians should know exactly where their money is going.  Most places where we eat or shop have the tax added to items at the purchase point, but when we fuel our cars the taxes are already factored into the price in the advertisement. This leaves many Californians in the dark about why filling up their car actually costs so much.



Sarah Haynes