Senate Bill 1142 - ADA Reform: Right to Cure ​

July 31, 2016

*Bill Status: Bill died in committee.

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Senate Bill 1142 would allow small business owners, many of whom are “mom-and-pop” businesses, a “right to cure” within 120 days any identified non-compliance of the Construction- Related Accessibility Standards Compliance Act or Federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), without penalty and without an expensive lawsuit being filed and attorney’s fees being owed. Additionally, where there is conflict between the federal rule and the California rule, the federal rule will preempt the California rule. 


April 26, 2016




Rachelle Golden defends public and private entities against lawsuits brought under the Americans with Disabilities Act. As someone who has used a manual wheelchair since 1999, she is passionate about ensuring accessibility compliance however, her legal philosophy rests upon working collaboratively with companies to develop proactive compliance strategies to ensure that they can effectively defend against frivolous lawsuits. She also defends public entities against various torts, including catastrophic injury.

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Small Business Owner: Vincent Passanisi
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George Coles, owner of Coles Fine Flooring in San Diego, CA, suffered three ADA lawsuits by the same plaintiff attorney.
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