Senate Bill 1273 - Emergency Mental Health Services Funding

July 31, 2016

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The bill seeks to clarify that Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) funding is available to county personnel for crisis stabilization services, specifically when law enforcement has in custody an individual who exhibits behaviors that warrant a mental health evaluation.

Pursuant to the Welfare & Institutions Code (W&I) Section 5150, MHSA funding can be used to provide evaluation and temporary outpatient services. This bill will clarify that, when a peace officer or another designated person writes a 5150 hold, these individuals require a temporary assessment and are eligible for outpatient services funded by MHSA pursuant to W&I Section 5801.

This clarification provides counties with the flexibility to fund outpatient care, as well as help ensure emergency department access is preserved for patients with urgent medical conditions and that patients in psychiatric crisis receive prompt therapeutic evaluations and treatment.




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