Senate Bill 1297 - State Chief Operating Officer

February 16, 2018


SB 1297 creates the Office of the State Operations and the position of Chief Operating Officer will serve as the head of the office, and will be appointed by the Governor. This position is created to enhance coordination between state agencies and the Governor’s Office, and to improve efficiency of all state agencies.

Issue Background:

Within the private sector COOs are responsible for the day to day operations of companies, ensuring everything is running efficiently and productively as possible. The COO reports to the CEO on matters of improving corporate and internal practices while the CEO makes high level executive decisions and acts more as the public face of the company. This is a very versatile role and is used in many different facets depending on corporate structure and directive of the CEO.

Translated to state government, the position of COO would report to the Governor on matters of public administration while the Governor focuses on matters of public policy. The State COO would bring a private sector level of business administration to state government in an effort to reduce wasteful practices by working with state departments to improve their productivity. To accomplish this, the State COO will set performance goals for all state agencies. These goals will be set with the intent to use state resources more efficiently and reduce wasteful strategies.



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