Senate Bill 1368 - Statewide Open Enrollment

February 16, 2018


Senate Bill 1368 enacts the Statewide Open Enrollment Act, permitting all California K-12 students to attend a school in any school district, regardless of residency or school district boundaries.

Issue Background:

There currently exist over 6.2 million K-12 pupils in over 1,000 California school districts. In a 2016 study by the LAO, it was found that 47 of those districts participated in the District of Choice program, serving 10,000 transfer students. This program allows interdistrict transfers to districts participating in the District of Choice Program without applying with their home district. While the program did not serve the entirety of California, it has continued to provide additional educational options and improved district programs.

The current processes by which families petition school districts to allow interdistrict transfers is time-consuming and impedes parental choice and keeps students in harmful environments. Even if it is in the best interests of the child’s academic future, the action may be denied.



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