Senate Bill 247 - Reducing Occupational Licensing Laws

February 27, 2017

There Ought Not be a Law

This bill is the winner of our There Ought Not be a Law competition.


Senate Bill 247 repeals and reduces unnecessary occupational licensing laws for several professions, allowing people to make a living without having to ask permission from the government to do so.

Letters of Support:

Issue background:

Occupational licensing laws exist, in theory, to protect the public by requiring certain professions obtain a government license before legally working in California.  However, many current licensing laws do little to protect the public and are an artificial barrier for middle class jobs.

Many licensed professions must pay hundreds of dollars in fees and thousands in government-approved school tuition before they can operate legally in the state.  Many aspiring entrepreneurs simply cannot afford those costs, so they are forced to abandon their dreams and work in less fulfilling and profitable careers.  We need to encourage small business and entrepreneurship, not stifle it with onerous and burdensome laws that do little—if anything—to protect the public.




James Moore, Legislative Aide | 916-651-6050