Senate Bill 447 -- City of Orange Park Leases

February 22, 2019

Senate Transportation Hearing - April 24, 2019


Senate Bill 447 would authorize the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to transfer two parcels of land in the City of Orange known as Hart Park (google maps) and Handy Park (google maps) to the City.

Issue Background:

Under current law, Caltrans cannot transfer land deemed excess to another public agency. Caltrans can only sell excess land for fair market value, regardless of the current or future use of the property.

In 1974, the City entered into two Porter Bill leases with Caltrans for two parcels of land known as Hart Park and Handy Park for the duration of 50 years. These parks are adjacent to SR-55 and SR-22, respectively, and were acquired by Caltrans during the construction and improvements of those state highways. As a provision of all Porter Bill leases, the lessee is required to maintain the land for public open-space and recreational purposes. Hart Park and Handy Park are crucial to the identity, health, and well-being of the residents in the City and the surrounding community. SB 447 seeks to provide an option that would protect the residents of the City of Orange and ensure that the public has ample access to local parks and green spaces.



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