Senate Bill 653 - Website Notices for County Treasurers and Tax Collectors

February 27, 2017

Support Letters


Senate Bill 653 would require county Treasurer-Tax Collectors to post required public notices on the county’s websites in addition to the existing newspaper requirement.  This will result in greater access to these notices.

Issue Background

Currently, under a law enacted in 1939, Treasurer-Tax Collectors must post all required notices in newspapers or, if there is no local newspaper, three public places in each township within the county.  Senate Bill 653 would require Treasurer-Tax Collectors to also post the notice on their websites.

By posting the notices online, they will be more accessible and will reach more people, especially as circulation numbers of newspapers continue to decline.  Senate Bill 653 would also give counties the ability to keep notices available online long after they would be published in the newspaper.  With the advent and increasing use of the internet, modernizing a nearly eighty-year-old law helps notify more people so they may resolve issues with the county.


James Moore, Legislative Aide | 916–651–4037