Senate Bill 754 -- HOA Elections By Acclamation

February 25, 2019

Senate Floor Presentation - May 20, 2019

Senate Housing Committee Hearing - April 22, 2019

Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing - April 30, 2019


Senate Bill 754 provides for election of board members by acclamation if the number of candidates seeking election is equal to or fewer than the number of board seats available.

Issue Background:

Community interest developments (CIDs) vary in purpose and size, from just a few members to several thousand units. Larger CIDs may offer their residents significant amenities, such as golf courses, tennis and other recreational facilities, media services, and transportation services, among others.  Elected boards provide oversight for the operation and maintenance of facilities, as well as the annual budget.  State law provides the framework for certain aspects of CID boards. 

Laguna Woods Village, the sponsor of SB 754, has three major developments within its boundaries, totaling more than 12,500 units of senior housing.  It is one of three comparably large developments in California.  Leisure World Seal Beach has more than 6,600 units, with similar amenities serving its residents, where the average age is 75 years.

The vast majority of seniors in Laguna Woods Village and Seal Beach live on modest, fixed incomes and expect the Board and management to assure that goods and services are provided in the most cost effective manner possible. To that end, reducing unnecessary elections can save residents significant costs.

Municipal elections, special district elections and school board elections provide for election by acclamation when there is an uncontested election, saving taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars. 



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