Senate Resolution 65 - Lupus Awareness Month

July 31, 2016

Fact Sheet (pdf)


This resolution seeks to designate May, 2016 as “California Lupus Awareness Month,” which will help bring greater awareness, understanding and insight to the devastating effects of systematic lupus erythematosus “lupus.”


Lupus is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation of various parts of the body including; the skin, joints, heart, and kidneys.

Current research shows that close to two million Americans have been diagnosed with lupus, and every year, over 100,000 young women, men and children are added to that number.

Additionally, for every ten individuals diagnosed with lupus, nine of them are women. For those diagnosed with lupus, early detection and proper treatment are critical to the improvement of the quality of life and survival rate.

California has three nonprofit organizations dedicated to lupus support and research including; The Lupus Foundation of Southern California, The Lupus Foundation of Northern California, and Lupus LA.

This resolution intends to acknowledge May 2016 as California Lupus Awareness Month.




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