Senate Resolution 88 - The 1976 Summer Olympic Games ​

July 31, 2016

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Legislative Information


  • Michelle Simpson, former swimmer and teammate of Shirley Babashoff
  • Benjamin W. Lau, US-China Counsel, Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman
  • Stephanie Rosenthal-Hamilton, Member of the U.S. National Team- Swimming 1987-1988
  • USA Swimming Foundation
  • Mike Bottom, Former member of the U.S. National Swim Team
  • USA Swimming
  • Jeffrey Goldman, Publisher at Santa Monica Press
  • TJ Liston, ASCA Member
  • Jim Wood, Past President of USA Swimming


Senate Resolution 88 urges the International Olympic Committee to address the wrong created by the East German performance-enhancing substance scandal and recognize the competitors who played by the rules in the 1976 Olympic Games with their rightful medals and places in the record books.


The 1976 Summer Olympic Games in Montreal, Canada, should have been a monumental and celebratory occasion for Shirley Babashoff and the dozens of other female swimmers competing. Instead, the Games have lived under a dark cloud of controversy for the past forty years. 

The allegations that the East German women’s swim team was competing under the influence of performance-enhancing substances were dismissed at the time, but later proven true. When the Berlin Wall fell, records were recovered that proved the East German team was involved in a state-sponsored performance-enhancing substances scheme.

Due to this scandal, competitors who played by the rules were denied their true earned victories, and their countries denied their moment to celebrate with them. The International Olympic Committee needs to address this injustice and recognize these competitors. They have the power to honor these individuals with their rightful medals and places in the record books. It is the International Olympic Committee’s turn to step up and demonstrate the integrity that is becoming of the Olympic Games and show today’s youth the importance and value of competing with honor.



Senate Resolution 88 Requests Justice for the 1976 Women Olympic Swimmers