"There Ought NOT Be A Law" Project Application

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact the office of California State Senator John Moorlach at (916) 651-4037.

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Legislative Proposal

NOTE: There is no need to be comprehensive in the initial round of submissions. Initial proposals should have enough information to persuade us that the problem is real and can and should be addressed. If in reviewing the proposals we wish for more information to help in the selection process, we will contact the lead sponsor. Should this produce more ideas than we can handle, we may refer alternate ideas to likeminded legislators who may be interested in authoring such a bill.

*DISCLAIMER: Beyond having Senator Moorlach introduce the legislation, there is no prize for winning. Further, there is no guarantee that the legislation will pass and/or be signed.  The office of Senator Moorlach has the final approval on bill content, amendments, and strategy. Any work on the policy proposal will be done in consultation with the sponsor.  If the office of Senator Moorlach does not receive the necessary support from the sponsor, resulting action may constitute the bill being dropped.

We look forward to lightening the books with you!

-Team Moorlach

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