Legislative Analyst’s Office response to my inquiry on transportation funding, September 2018

For years, I have been warning about the fiscal challenges of properly funding our state’s transportation system. Before the legislature authorized the largest gas tax increase in the state’s history, through Senate Bill 1 (Beall, Chapter 5, Statutes of 2017), I regularly produced information about the state’s spending on my website. One of the most recent pieces was posted on this link in April 2017.

With an impending ballot measure, we have received many questions regarding our research on transportation spending from previous years. With the magnitude in changes as a result of SB 1, I thought it wise to ask the Legislative Analyst’s Office to provide an update to previous and current spending on transportation projects.

It is my intent to continue monitoring our transportation budget to make sure that we get the best results for our spending. I may even ask the Legislative Analyst’s Office to annually update the information so that we can make consistent comparisons in the coming years.

With that, I have attached the Legislative Analyst’s Office response to my most recent inquiry below.

LAO Response (pdf)

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