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OC Register: How to make business less a target for exploitive lawsuits

April 8, 2016
Despite prior reform efforts, lawsuits keep coming. SB1142 offers an alternative. This important legislation by Sen. Moorlach offers small-business owners a “right to cure” any identified noncompliance with the Construction-Related Accessibility Standards Compliance Act or the ADA within 120 days...

Fox & Hounds - CalChamber Releases 2016 Job Creator List

April 7, 2016
SB 1142 (Moorlach; R-Costa Mesa) ADA Reform — Reduces meritless litigation costs while protecting disability access by providing a business with 120 days to cure any alleged violation in a demand letter before a civil action may be filed.

Fox & Hounds - Government Analysts Weigh In on Minimum Wage Boost

March 31, 2016
(Editors note: Some comments on the effects of the proposed minimum wage increase below. For the concise quotes from the Department of Finance, a hat tip to Sen. John Moorlach.)

American Spectator - A Few Crumbs for Private Workers

March 31, 2016
“It’s nice that government’s concerned, but it’s not the government’s business,” said Sen. John Moorlach, an Orange County Republican and pension-reform expert.

Fox & Hounds - Government Analysts Weigh In on Minimum Wage Boost

March 31, 2016
What did Governor Brown’s own Department of Finance say about a $13 minimum wage? (Sen. Moorlach: Imagine the Adverse Effects of $15 )

AP - California lawmakers OK highest statewide minimum wage

March 31, 2016
"Business owners are going to go, is this an April Fool's joke?" Sen. John Moorlach, R-Costa Mesa, added.

KFBK - Minimum Wage Bill Passes Through CA Legislature

March 31, 2016
On the Republican side of the house, Senator John Moorlach of Orange County says he and his colleagues could only watch as this bill was hustled through. Moorlach says it is not only going to hurt California businesses and the economy, and could even have an effect nationally, but that he is not...

Cal WatchDog - Proposed pilot program could replace Caltrans with counties

March 30, 2016
Responding to years of mismanagement and voter frustration with state roads, coupled with successful transportation programs administered in his home county, Sen. John Moorlach is pushing a measure that would create a five-year pilot program empowering two counties to assume the responsibility of...

Hoy - Aumento salarial recrudecerá la pobreza, dicen políticos

March 28, 2016
El senador John Moorlach dijo estar en oposición al aumento y culpó a la pobreza de lo difícil que resulta operar un negocio en California. “En lugar de agregar más obstáculos para los negocios, deberíamos primero desarrollar un plan para que haya más competitividad económica que podría reconstruir...

CA Political Review - Democrat State Treasurer Wants Those That Put State Pensions into $1.2 TRILLION Hole to Own Your Private Retirement Fund

March 28, 2016
Instead in 2014-15, per State Senator John Moorlach, it is actually 2.4%.