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California Political Review - State may face $29-43 billion budget deficit in

February 16, 2016
Senator John Moorlach has pointed out that in 2014-2015, while Jerry Brown was crowing about a General Fund budget surplus, the State actually had a $117 billion Operating Budget deficit—and had not had a surplus in the Operating Budget since Pete Wilson was Governor.

Orange County Register - The making of a CEO's $232 million retirement

February 6, 2016
“Such is the joy of trying to reduce CEO salaries,” said state Sen. John Moorlach, a certified public accountant. “Those running larger companies are always going to look at ways to transfer income from the corporation to those in the executive suite. The goal is to have a corporate deduction and...

San Francisco Chronicle - California’s $400 billion debt worries analysts

February 6, 2016
State Sen. John Moorlach, R-Costa Mesa (Orange County) said he’s skeptical that the state’s model for funding retiree health benefits is the right move. Moorlach said offering raises to employees to offset their contribution to their retiree health benefits puts more pressure on the pension system...

San Jose Mercury News - California braces for flood of tax measures

January 30, 2016
Under new rules that require public agencies to account for their unfunded pension liabilities, the state pension deficit could reach $250 billion, state Sen. John Moorlach, R-Costa Mesa, said in a Jan. 24 Orange County Register column.

Banning-Beaumont Patch - RivCo Leaders Respond to Governor's Proposed $122.6 Billion Budget

January 8, 2016
Stone’s Republican colleague, budget hawk Sen. John Moorlach of Costa Mesa, said he was most concerned by what was missing in the governor’s to-do list, including rectifying the state’s ballooning unfunded pension obligations, which are carried off-budget and total an estimated $181.5 billion...

Fox & Hounds - Tackling the Homeless Issue

January 8, 2016
As the initial Chair of the Orange County Commission to End Homelessness, I have a concern about this critical topic. Remember, I was sworn into the California State Senate last March at the Orange County Rescue Mission. As the Chair of the Orange County Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee for...

Long Beach Press-Telegram - A new plan to end California's sad state of homelessness

January 7, 2016
But the good news is that the Democratic state Senate leader was joined by two Republicans, Sen. Bob Huff of San Dimas and Sen. John Moorlach of Costa Mesa, at the press conference announcing the plan.

Sacramento Bee - Gov. Jerry Brown's proposed budget: Rapid response

January 7, 2016
Lists responses of various people to the budget, including Senator Moorlach.​

LA Daily News - A new plan to end California's sad state of homelessness

January 7, 2016
At least two aspects of a proposed plan to spend $2 billion to fight the scourge of homelessness in California fit the bill for the right approach to the problem. First, the proposal takes the “housing first” tack that many experts on mental health and addiction have long said is the best initial...

California officials seek precautions for online lending trends

December 18, 2015
Digital Journal - Americans now owe over $885 billion of revolving debt, according to sources at the Federal Reserve and much of it is entangled in credit card debt. This might be one of the reasons online lending is growing.