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Wall Street Journal: California’s State Pension Obligations Are Larger Than Previously Estimated

March 18, 2016
California’s State Pension Obligations Are Larger Than Previously Estimated

OC Register: Push for more-open government makes headway

March 18, 2016
More exposure is needed. State Sen. John Moorlach, R-Costa Mesa, has sponsored Senate Bill 1251. It would require the secretary of state to “create and maintain a dedicated Web page ... that lists specific state financial obligations.” And “all the information” would be included in the “ballot...

CBS - State Auditor Warns Caltrans Spending Habits Open Door To Fraud

March 17, 2016
But the audit has renewed state Sen. John Moorlach’s criticisms of the agency. “We’re wasting money left and right,” he said.

CBS 13 Sacramento - State Auditor Warns Caltrans Spending Habits Open Door to Fraud

March 17, 2016
A scathing report from the state auditor warns Caltrans’ spending habits are inviting “waste, fraud and abuse” of taxpayer dollars.

OC Register - Should California bare all? New bill would -- its finances at least

March 16, 2016
As voters prepare to decide on billions of dollars worth of new borrowing for Very Important and Worthy Projects this year, a state senator from Orange County proposes bringing a fire hose to the party.

Sacramento Bee - Dan Walters: California Pension Debt Revealed

March 15, 2016
Thanks to new accounting standards, California’s state and local governments are being forced to acknowledge tens of billions of dollars in previously obscure debt for unfunded pension liabilities.

Truth In Accounting - SB 1251 would require state's balance sheet to be included in voter information pamphlet

March 15, 2016
Senator Moorlach (R-Costa Mesa) announced today that he's introduced SB 1251 to require the state's updated balance sheet, including accounting for outstanding debts and unfunded liabilities, to be printed in the state's official Voter Information Pamphlet prior to each election."

Fox & Hounds Daily - Doing the GASB Gasp

March 9, 2016
County deficits balloon by BILLIONS after accounting for unfunded pension liabilities. The financial carnage continues as more local governments report their Fiscal Year 2015 balance sheets under the new rules, which requires them to account for defined benefit public employee pension “unfunded...

California Political Review - State may face $29-43 billion budget deficit in

February 16, 2016
Senator John Moorlach has pointed out that in 2014-2015, while Jerry Brown was crowing about a General Fund budget surplus, the State actually had a $117 billion Operating Budget deficit—and had not had a surplus in the Operating Budget since Pete Wilson was Governor.

Orange County Register - The making of a CEO's $232 million retirement

February 6, 2016
“Such is the joy of trying to reduce CEO salaries,” said state Sen. John Moorlach, a certified public accountant. “Those running larger companies are always going to look at ways to transfer income from the corporation to those in the executive suite. The goal is to have a corporate deduction and...