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California's roads crisis: Long neglected maintenance is now urgent and expensive

December 12, 2015
The Fresno Bee - California lawmakers are struggling to climb out of a deep hole. The gas tax that supports road repairs ranks among the highest in the country but the state has some of the worst roads in America.

Lawmakers aim to prevent unspent California charitable gifts

December 10, 2015
89.3 KPCC - Lawmakers and state agencies on Wednesday began exploring ways to make sure millions of charitable dollars donated annually by California taxpayers aren't stalled for years and don't wind up in state coffers.

Sen. John Moorlach: The Fiscal Conscience of the CA Legislature

September 21, 2015
FlashReport - Former Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach won his Senate race in March, and already has become a standout. Now-Senator John Moorlach, R-Costa Mesa, has waged challenges to Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown’s May Budget revise, minimum wage hikes, Democrats’ lack of fiscal restraint and...

No Gas Tax Increase for Now

September 10, 2015
By: Fox & Hounds, Joel Fox, Editor of Fox & Hounds and President of the Small Business Action Committee

CBS2 Investigates Caltrans Employees Who Use Taxpayer-Funded Cars For Personal Use

September 8, 2015
CBS Los Angeles - Video

EDITORIAL: Very pricey bad apples

September 7, 2015
The Press Enterprise - ‘How can we ask Californians to pay more for road repair without fixing Caltrans?’ state Sen. John Moorlach insisted in a statement. ‘We have no confidence that Caltrans is spending money properly. None.’

Letters: Don't lump all public servants together

September 7, 2015
OC Register - How fortunate taxpayers in Orange County are to have a legislator such as state Sen. John Moorlach, who is performing as he should.

New report details state workers behaving badly

September 7, 2015
OC Register - ’How can we ask Californians to pay more for road repair without fixing Caltrans?’ state Sen. John Moorlach, R-Costa Mesa, insisted in a statement.

California State Senator John Moorlach lobs two more salvos at Caltrans

September 6, 2015
Orange County Breeze - California State Senator John Moorlach thinks that problems with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) should be fixed before any additional funding is considered.

California Leads the Nation In Money For Nothing

September 1, 2015
Daily Caller - A bill by state senator John Moorlach would increase the number of contract employees in this program by 5 percent per year, aiming for a 50/50 ratio by 2023.