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Caltrans officials pull out of Golf Tournament after Audit

August 28, 2015
NBC LA - State Sen. John Moorlach criticized the agency after the report was released. ‘If you have 3,500 employees too many what else is there to do? Why not play golf?’ he asked.

Senator after state audit: Caltrans should cut 3,500 jobs

August 28, 2015
KCRA - Moorlach told KCRA 3 that instead of raising taxes, California should be cutting 3,500 redundant positions at Caltrans to save $500 million for road repairs.

Report: State worker worked on his swing on taxpayers' dime

August 28, 2015
ABC Sacramento - State Senator John Moorlach said this instance highlights a need for change. ‘We've got a department that's inefficient. We're paying the fourth highest gas tax in the nation and we have the worst roads in the nation,’ Moorlach said.

Is Caltrans wasting millions on idle staff?

August 21, 2015
Sacramento Bee - As part of their effort to pay for the major transportation overhaul Gov. Jerry Brown has called for without levying new taxes, Assembly Republicans have proposed cutting 3,500 full-time positions from the California Department of Transportation, at a savings to the state of half a...

The Road to Caltrans is Pitted With Potholes

August 18, 2015
FlashReport - As the California Legislature returned from summer recess yesterday, top on most political insiders’ minds is Gov. Jerry Brown’s special legislative session to increase taxes through approval of a group of transportation bills.

Legislators have long to-do list, little consensus

August 16, 2015
Sacramento Bee - Lawmakers and lobbyists will return to the Capitol today for a final month of horse-trading and buttonholing. Whether the big deals come together is unclear. But some should, including one to pay for better roads and highways.

California Must Get Serious About the Nation's Worst Roads

August 13, 2015 - Despite California's roads ranking among the worst in the nation and requiring between $6 billion to $10 billion in additional annual maintenance funding, Democratic legislative leaders and Governor Brown decided against including long-term, sustainable solutions in their...

Tap brakes on urge to raise gas taxes

August 11, 2015
OC Register - State Sen. John Moorlach released a fact sheet noting that, while the state collects $10.6 billion annually from gas and transportation fees, just 20 percent of that money goes to road repair and new construction.

Roads: State spends more, gets less

August 7, 2015
San Diego Union-Tribune - When the Legislature returns from its break on Aug. 17, the focus will turn to transportation funding. Virtually everyone — Democrats, Republicans, labor unions, taxpayer groups and the business community — agree California’s roads are a mess and need substantial...

7 Key Measures of California’s Transportation Challenges

August 7, 2015