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The Daily Caller: Planned Parenthood Pushes California Bill That Could Jail Whistleblowers, Investigative Journalists

September 4, 2016
California’s legislature has sent a bill to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk that could jail whistleblowers, undercover investigators and others who report on the health care industry without permission. Written by Planned Parenthood and passed on Wednesday, AB 1671 is a response to undercover pro-life...

LA Daily News: California transportation needs budget, efficiency reforms, not more taxes

September 4, 2016
Transportation is critical to the California economy and quality of life, but it is regularly given short shrift by legislators in Sacramento. Rather than fixing the well-documented transportation funding, staffing, management and efficiency problems, however, Democrats in the Legislature chose to...

Laguna Beach Indy: Bill Would Aid Fire Protection

September 4, 2016
A fire-prevention bill written on behalf of Laguna Beach awaits the signature of Gov. Jerry Brown, who has until Sept. 30 to approve or veto the measure. If signed, the bill that cleared the legislature Thursday, Aug. 25, is intended to help safeguard Laguna and other high fire-risk communities. In...

Coastline Pilot: Laguna hopes bill aimed at reducing wildfires sparked by utility wires will encourage undergrounding

September 1, 2016
A bill spearheaded by Laguna Beach Councilman Bob Whalen that would require the state to identify areas most at-risk of wildfires caused by overhead utility wires passed the Senate last week and awaits Gov. Jerry Brown's decision. Senate Bill 1463 would also require the California Public Utilities...

OC Breeze: Senate approves SR 88 urging justice for dozens of 1976 women Olympic swimmers

September 1, 2016
Today, Senator Moorlach (R-Costa Mesa) presented Senate Resolution 88, which requests that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) correct a mistake from 40 years ago and rightfully award dozens of women swimmers the recognition and medals that they deserved, had they not been cheated by the East...

Swimming World: California Senate Passes Resolution Urging IOC to Address 1976 Olympic Wrongs; Babashoff Overwhelmed

August 31, 2016
The California Senate took a major step forward in recognizing the injustices of the 1976 Olympic Games where the East German women swimmers won all but one gold medal in the pool. Senate Resolution 88 urges the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to address the wrong created by the East German...

OC Breeze: Olympic medalist Shirley Babashoff honored by State Senators Moorlach and Nguyen

August 28, 2016
On Tuesday, Aug. 23, Senators Moorlach and Nguyen presented Orange County based Olympic medalist, Shirley Babashoff, on the Senate floor with a resolution to highlight her community involvement and to extend to her special honors for her many accomplishments at the Olympics and beyond. During the...

OC Register: Does California's environmental protection law impede development? Five things to know about CEQA

August 28, 2016
State Sen. John Moorlach, R-Costa Mesa, authored one of two bills this year to end anonymous filings. Both died in committee. The anti-reform CEQA Works website argued that forcing organizations to disclose their members and donors violates the First Amendment.

Independent Institute: Caltrans Wins Golden Fleece Award for Its $10 Billion Highway Robbery

August 22, 2016
Regarding Caltrans’s lies, California State Senator John Moorlach (R-Costa Mesa) said in a press release: “This audit reinforces the fact that our bad roads are not a result of a lack of funding. They’re a result of a lack of competence at Caltrans.” He continued: “We don’t need to raise gas taxes...

OC Register: Putting body cam bill in focus

August 11, 2016
Unquestionably, there’s emotional and visceral appeal in legislation that would prohibit the release of a public agency’s recording that depicts the killing of a peace officer in the line of duty unless the officer’s immediate family gives consent. Yet AB2611 sailed through the Assembly without a...